Bridging Information Globally

We are a publishing solution provider with robust technology in bridging structured and unstructured data (i.e. information) between the authors, readers, publishers across the globe.

Authoring & Editing

Advanced language skills and subject expertise in science, technology, medicine, humanities and law both for books and journals are the core competencies of our copy editing team.

Design & Composition

Our XML single unified workflow combining composition and digital services enables us to work on any platform allowing us to produce client specific outputs in a short turnaround time.

Content Management

Through our expertise in automation, technology and process engineering, we can transform content into many digital formats to meet the demands of our exacting customer.


Advancements in technology mean that new techniques for teaching are now being trialed and we offer existing packages or the ability to develop new ones to our customer's specifications.


QuickFlow is our off the shelf cloud based XML end-to-end publishing platform, which integrates all the stakeholders in the publishing lifecycle, including authors, reviewers, referees, solution providers and the production team. It can be customized to meet the requirements of the user workflow.


qSpurt is a Pre-XML Workflow developed to cater multiple formats as required by the customer. It is controlled by a robust workflow engine powered with the latest technology that moves the documents from one process to the next seamlessly.

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